Enter a world where music, yoga, art, mindfulness and dance all converge into one awe-inspiring, soul-healing experience!


For one night only, you will experience a unique evening of music and movement. FLOW is a live piano concert by award-winning composer, producer, and pianist Ravé Mehta, infused with yoga-inspired performances such as piano yoga, yoga dance, acro-yoga, aerial yoga, and more!

Choreographed by lululemon ambassador and yoga dancer Kristen Schneider, and accompanied with awe-inspiring vocals by award-winning singer Radha Mehta, FLOW will take you on a musical journey filled with grace, beauty, elegance, creativity and love.

In the spirit of FLOW, the show is 50% choreographed and 50% improvised, with all original music by Ravé Mehta, composed, in part, during the show. Therefore, this show is an original experience with the sole intention of raising your vibration!

Here's what makes us FLOW...


“When we access FLOW, we are so in the moment that the world unfolds frame by frame and wraps around us like a warm blanket of infinite bliss. When I’m in FLOW, the music just pours out of me through the piano. I become the instrument.” - Rave' Mehta

"FLOW is a state where currents of inspiration, creativity, grace, and life-force rush so abundantly through one’s system and energy field that even if only for a glimpse in time, fears disappear and source steps in. FLOW is magnetic and contagious.” - Kristen Schneider

"FLOW is letting go of all assumptions, judgements, and the ego, and in turn making room to allow the divine to express itself." - Radha Mehta

"FLOW is when you drop into a space beyond thoughts and emotions and tap into that part of you that is connected to all things" - Amy Anthony

"When I am in FLOW, time stops. My mind is quiet and my heart is open" - Amy Anthony

"FLOW is togetherness in movement, both individually and in unison with others" - Alex Colvin

"In FLOW, you stop thinking, you are in the moment, your body takes over and you just move. You FLOW." - Cailyn O'Donnell

"FLOW means going with the body and going with the music. You can just be in the moment." - Britney Byfield

"FLOW means letting go. Being completely free and open to whatever may come and just moving with it." - Melissa Keyes

"As an Acro Yogi, FLOW means connecting with another person to find peace and stillness, coupled with movement. It is a key to communication." - Michael Mott

"FLOW means letting things go, understanding that life is out of our control and being okay with that." - Tala Neudigate

"FLOW allows us to exchange ideas and link them together to create something beautiful." - Cheryl Cox